Ideas for Displaying Your Pins

Haunted Mansion O-pin House Pins in a Frame

Get Creative

The main reason most people collect Disney pins is that they’re fun to look at.  They’re miniature works of art and cost a lot less than many other high-quality Disney collectibles.  Most of my collection is kept in a large box and I take them out whenever I want to look at them.  But some pins are just too nice to put away.

Haunted Mansion Stretching Room Portrait Pins Framed

I found this jeweled frame at a discount store for under $10. It was the perfect framed for my Haunted Mansion stretching room portrait pins.

For my Haunted Mansion pins, I found frames that I liked and took the glass out.  I positioned the pins where I wanted them to be and lightly pressed the pin into the backing board of the frame.  Then using a compass I pushed a hole through the backing board.

Haunted Mansion Magazine Cover Pins Detail

Scrapbook papers creatively cut and arranged turned these pins into a framed work of art.

Using scrapbook paper and fancy paper punches I made a design I liked and cut it to fit the frame.  I then pushed the pins through the paper and the holes I previously made in the backing board.  I put the pin backs on to hold them in place and voila I had a great display piece!

Flora, Fauna and Merriweather Pins

Pins look great when they’re grouped together by film, character or theme.


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