Fantasyland Expansion Pins

New Fantasyland Grand Opening Deluxe Pin © Disney

This fabulous deluxe grand opening pin features Belle, Ariel, Casey Jr., and Dumbo and comes in a wonderful box.


If you’re a Disney fan or pin collector and didn’t know that the Magic Kingdom has been working on a major expansion of Fantasyland, you’ve probably been on the International Space Station for the past five years or so.  This expansion of the most beloved area of the Magic Kingdom is one of the most exciting additions to a Disney American theme park since the opening of The Animal Kingdom in 1998.

Fantasyland Expansion Concept Art © Disney

A gorgeous rendering of the Fantasyland expansion at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Orlando. © Disney


Among the new attractions and offerings are a number of new pins created just for the opening of the Fantasyland expansion.  Here’s a peek at some of them.


New Fantasyland Pin Trading Pins © Disney

Some of the new pin designs include ‘Enchanted Tales with Belle’, Gaston’s Tavern and Dumbo’s Storybook Circus.


New Fantasyland Mystery Pin Set © Disney

Pin fans will surely go crazy for these new mystery pin sets featuring classic Disney characters from the new attractions.


New Fantasyland Mystery Pin Set © Disney

Mystery pin sets are a fun way for new traders to get into the pin trading game. Since you never know what you’re going to get until after you’ve bought your box, chances are you’ll need to trade a pin or two to complete your set.


Stay tuned for more pin updates as the December grand opening of the Fantasyland expansion in December!






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